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Gear Head Wireless Keyboard

Uid: b2 b we are Gear Head Wireless keyboard, we have a top-of-the-heap Gear Wireless bluetooth keyboard for your android phone. It provides a comfortable design and is practical for working on the go.

Gear Head Wireless Keyboard Instructions

The Gear Head Wireless bluetooth keyboard with touchpad and mini receiver is an outstanding keyboard for use with a phone or computer, it renders a backlight that turns light green when it is active, so you can see what you're typing. Additionally, the keyboard grants a Gear symbol and a "tap" button that will turn the keyboard off if you don't need it turned on, the Gear Head Wireless touch ii touchpad keyboard is a practical addition to your computer. This keyboard grants a Wireless feature and a touchpad on the back for adding new users, the keyboard also includes key features such content protection, side-vious key access, and an adjustable the Gear Head Wireless bluetooth keyboard is a terrific tool com marketers who need to be able to type quickly and easily. The keyboard renders a backlight that makes it effortless to read in the dark, and it offers a backlight that lightens up the while typing, the keyboard also provides a backlight that makes it effortless to see in the dark. The Gear Head blue tooth Wireless keyboard and mouse is a sensational surrogate for suitors that need to access the com while out and about, the keyboard gives a blue tooth technology that allows you to connect to a computer while using or clinton. ) the keyboard imparts a wide variety of key capabilities, including back, control, home, home media, and more, the keyboard also includes a numeric keypad, which makes it uncomplicated to handle your computer for tasks like tracking down sources of information or a document.