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Wireless Flexible Keyboard

Our Wireless keyboard and mouse combos are the best in the market because they're full-sized and have a cutesy name like "104-key cute round keycap, " plus, they're Flexible to suit any macros or changes, making them a top-notch alternative for on-the-go or gamers in-app purchases with.





Silicone Bluetooth Keyboard

This silicone bluetooth keyboard imparts a cool leather finish with a hardshell case for protection, it grants a large keycap space and a detachable cable for basic storage. The keyboard is likewise lightweight and effortless to top up with new keycap, this keyboard is a foldable, Wireless bluetooth 3. 0 keyboard with a touchpad for straightforward access to your ios or android applications, it presents a small enough size that you can put it in a small bag or pocket, while still providing all the features of a traditional bluetooth keyboard. If you're digging for a keyboard that can handle your digital needs, search no more than the Wireless keyboard and mouse combo, these devices are complete and each key provides a keycap that is designed to feel comfortable and use-friendly. Plus, the full-sized keycap is key-ú la de la pochette, the tri-folding Wireless keyboard is an outstanding keyboard for multi-tasking. It can be used for work, for gaming or for writing, the keyboard extends a backlight that works well under direct sunlight or in a dark room. The keyboard also grants a Flexible keyboard alternative that allows you to fold the keyboard up into a size, this keyboard is in like manner Wireless so you can leave it in you or pocket.