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Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus

The Wireless Touch keyboard with touchpad for pc w receiver is prime for use your pc receiver with a Touch screen device, this keyboard extends a top-of-the-line Touch screen experience, making it effortless to invok commands on your keyboard. The keyboard also gives a backlight that gives it a modern look.

K400 Plus (k400+)

Top 10 Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus

The Wireless Touch keyboard from logitech offers fast and reliable Wireless connectivity for your computer and software, with the K400 plus, you can have access to your computer's and system tools while also using the Touch keyboard as a standalone tool. Plus, the touchpad can be used as a control interface for other software, this Wireless Touch keyboard presents a new design that makes it easier to use. The keyboard extends a small, cylindrical keycap that is larger than other keyboard models and is filled with perforated keycap space, this allows the keycap to have a lot of room to hold key presses. The keycap is likewise heat resistant and can be folded up for portability, the keyboard also includes replacement keys for the you need to adopt it. The Wireless Touch keyboard is a top-of-the-heap solution for use with your office or home office, it gives a microfiber cleaning cloth that makes it effortless to clean your keyboard. The touchpad is also and grants a this keyboard extends a fast and uncomplicated to adopt touchpad, this Wireless Touch keyboard is a valuable blend of technology and design. With its sleek design and backlight, you'll be able to operate it in any room without issue, the keyboard also includes a backlight that helps save energy, which means you can stay cool in any situation. This keyboard also includes a valuable feature - it includes a built-in keyboard, this keyboard is first-rate for shoppers who covet to adopt their tv as a keyboard. The K400 Plus renders a beneficial feature - it includes a numeric keypad, which is top-of-the-line for use your numeric keypad in specific areas, the keypad is furthermore very small, so it effortless to enter data into the keypad. The K400 Plus also extends an enticing feature - it includes a built-in tv, this tv includes a top feature - it includes a built-in keyboard, which is fantastic for use your tv as a keyboard. Which is top for people who ache to handle their tv as a keyboard.