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Ibm Model M Keyboard

Our keyboard is a true Ibm Model M keyboard and comes with keycap sets buckling spring, it is outstanding for users who need the most efficient key presses. Our keyboard also features our keycap system that helps you to see the key presses and data transferred through the keyboard.

Ibm Keyboard Model M 1391401

This is a lexmark mechanical keyboard made in usa, it is new wired with adapter. This keyboard is from an 1993 Ibm Model M computer, it is a bending spring mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is in top-of-the-heap condition with no cuts, tears, or other issues, the keyboard is on the small side but is wide enough to click the keys. The keycap is good with no wear, the keyboard also presents some age-noampahernnnnng! - to the 'n sync phenomenon Ibm Model M keyboard is an excellent addition to each computer system. It is a buckling spring mechanical clicky keyboard with a red backlight and is over 10 years of age! It is a top-of-the-heap addition for any user who wants a basic keypads and want to add a to the 'n sync phenomenon, the Ibm Model M mechanical clicky keyboard is a first-class alternative for a computer keyboard because of its easy-to-reach keys. This keyboard is still in use about 10 years later, the keys are made of plastic and are clicky, making it a good way for a traditional keyboard. The Ibm Model M 1391401 keyboard ps2 fantastic condition cleaned tested, is a sterling keyboard for your computer. It imparts a new, advanced design that makes it more comfortable to use, the keyboard also offers a new keypad that makes it effortless to create new keys. This keyboard is in excellent condition and is excellent for your computer.