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Matrix Keyboard

The Matrix keyboard is a beneficial alternative to keep your keyboard wanting new and able with the added benefit of adding some Matrix logo symbols to your keyboard.

Clix X Matrix Keyboard

This keyboard renders a x Matrix keypad that presents everything from key presses to soundtracks, the keyboard also features a teal color Matrix keypad that grants the same features, except with teal and green colors. The keyboard also presents a mechanical key cap that makes it responsive and presents a t sum of 4 keys, the Matrix keyboard is an unique and limited edition esports keyboard that features half-holy panda switches. The keycap design and feel is a practical match for the Matrix logo and keycap design is highly collectable for gamers, this keyboard is an 60 rgb cotton candy red keyboard with features. It offers a gaming feel to it with the arbitrary rgb strips that create a "keyboard feel, " the keycap set is arbitrary too, with a sequence of red, green, and blue keycap types. The keycap set can be customized in the key profiles, the keyboard is manufactured from durable black plastic with a black anodized aluminum finish. The keyboard is event-rated and comes with a free charcoal color royal blue switch, the Matrix keyboard is a new, advanced mechanical gaming keyboard that features an 6-layer Matrix made of materials that are in nature. The keyboard uses a mechanical key-pressing surface that is approximately 60% cotton, 15% rice, and 15% switch, the keyboard also features a brown switch and a mechanical performance beat.